15 Minutes to Rejuvenation in the Infrared Sauna

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15 Minutes to Rejuvenation in the Infrared Sauna

Weather-wise, it’s been a somewhat blah winter in Happy Valley. In search of rejuvenation to beat the winter blues, I decided to try something new and booked a 15-minute infrared sauna session at Simply Health Salt Spa. Not only is it surprisingly affordable, but you can also bring a guest to join you in the sauna booth.  I asked my boyfriend if he might be interested in accompanying me and he was up for this wellness adventure.

I told him about the various health benefits, notably stress reduction, and that we would need to plan what we were wearing since it would get quite hot. I opted for going commando under what used to be a sundress. Thanks to a mishap with bleach, my blue dress has somewhat of a hippie vibe.

15 Minutes of Rejuvenation

The spa staffer who showed us to the sauna asked us to pick a ‘color’ which corresponds to a therapeutic treatment. Or, we could just rotate through them all for our first time. We opted for the latter.

Thankfully, she offered us two cups of water before we entered the dry heat of the infrared sauna. Quickly beads of sweat were rolling down my back. But the heat felt good. The day before, I had intense stiffness in my shoulder, an uncomfortable reminder of my encounter with a double tractor-trailer in a hit and run accident in 2018.

Red light – Infrared Sauna


I enjoyed seeing the various colors cycle through and made a mental note to take a picture of the chart that describes each color’s function.

For example, according to the chart outside the sauna booth, strong red is supposed to activate the circulatory and nervous systems.

Strong green provides anti-infectious, anti-septic, and regenerative stimulation. Green acts as a relaxant.

Yellow reactivates and purifies the skin and helps with indigestion and bodily stress. Strong blue lubricates joints and helps with infections, stress, and nervous tension.

Infrared Color Code

You get the idea!

After 15 minutes of sweating, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated.


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The infrared sauna can potentially yield a multitude of health benefits ranging from enhancing your immune system, providing stress relief by increasing endorphins, weight control, and improved cardiovascular conditioning.

Tips for Enjoying Your Infrared Sauna Experience

  • Hydrate before you enter the sauna.
  • Start out slowly–for example, try a 15-minute session to see how your body reacts before moving on (another day) to 30 minutes.
  • Bring several towels–some to sit on and some to towel off after your session.
  • Take some deep breaths. Inhale. Release your stress and exhale.
  • Rehydrate after your session.

Disclaimer:  This blog does not provide medical advice. Please check with your healthcare provider before trying an infrared sauna, especially if you have any chronic health conditions.

I hope you have a chance to try an infrared sauna. It’s a wonderful treat in the middle of winter!

15 Minutes to Rejuvenation – Infrared Sauna


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