5 Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

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Let’s talk about confidence. I have not always been the most confident person. From an early age, my confidence was shattered after being scolded and told to be quiet during nap time. I don’t know why I was talking, but it wasn’t above a whisper, yet I was publicly chastised and humiliated. After that, I struggled with speaking up and was often perceived as being shy. We moved when I was in first grade, and the transition wasn’t particularly easy–elementary school-aged kids back then formed their cliques as early as kindergarten.

As an adult, I am sometimes perceived as being confident in the workplace. Well, people seem to mistake competence for confidence. I’ve gotten much better over time. I admit public speaking has always been an area where I need to improve. I am an introvert and don’t like having the spotlight shining on me.

It’s only recently with launching the podcast that I’ve had to push myself outside of my comfort zone and embrace finding my voice. I still get nervous though right before each guest interview! Once we start talking though, it’s as if I were talking to a long-time friend and I truly enjoy learning more about our podcast show guests.

How about you?

Do you struggle at all with confidence? Some women are confident all of their lives and then when faced with a major life change, their confidence is shattered or greatly diminished. Moms, for example, might question if they are doing everything ‘correctly’ for their child. They may face harsh criticism for the choices they make for their children. Faced with a constant barrage of advice, usually unsolicited, it’s no wonder moms get stressed out and see a dip in their confidence.

Well, if you need an injection of confidence, these beautifully styled quotes will brighten your day. These quotes will encourage you to DREAM BIG!!

Take Your Dreams Seriously
What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
big wins start as small steps
let yourself dream big
I Will Do Big Things
5 Quotes to Boost Your Confidence


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