5 Tips to Melt Your Valentine’s Heart

Melt Your Valentine's Heart

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Stress-Free Valentine’s Day?

melt-heart-of-goldDo you find yourself stressing out again at about this time of the year, after the whirlwind of the winter holidays and realizing that “Oh, crap! It’s almost Valentine’s Day again” (…and I have no idea what trinket to offer my loved one?)

I certainly can relate….balancing your desire to melt your love’s heart and prove your unwavering love and devotion without going overboard on pricey, tacky ‘tchotchkes’ or trinkets. Oh what to do? Never fear, read on for some inspiration!

  1. Hand write a poem dedicated to your loved one. You don’t have to be great at rhymes and you don’t need to write a lengthy collection of stanzas. Try something uber simple like a love haiku. Haiku is the Japanese poetry where the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7, then the last line has 5 syllables. Traditionally haiku are written about nature. To up your game, you could write the poem on parchment or other fancy paper that you can find online or at a stationery store.
  2. Write your Valentine a love letter and spritz it with your perfume. Reminisce about the day you met, why you fell for him or her, and reasons why your Valentine is your ray of sunshine. Roll up the letter and tie it up with a pretty ribbon.
  3. Print and frame a recent photo either of yourself or of you and your loved one. Tip: Bring home some fun masks (think Mardi Gras) and trick your loved one into a silly photo shoot…Pier One Import usually has sales on Venetian masks after Christmas or you can buy an affordable mask at Party City or Target and decorate it.  You can even get a little ‘catty’ by using silly post-photo session filters (see below).

    Silly photo shoot
  4. If you are musically inclined, write a song for your loved one. Or for those who are tone deaf, lol, buy a vinyl or CD (yes, I’m going old school here). A great gift would be Washington, DC jazz singer Changamire’s Love (available on CD or digital download).
  5. Get physical (some of you might recognize the Olivia Newton-John reference, lol). Purchase some lightly scented massage oil and offer your loved one a voucher for a personal massage. I recommend “Young Living’s essential oils and other products. They have a great lavender massage oil.

If you keep it simple and creative, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a gift that will collect dust on your Valentine’s shelf. Instead, you will melt his or her heart by your thoughtfulness!! Above all, rather than stressing out, have some fun preparing a unique gift!

Tell us in the comments section about either the most creative Valentine you’ve ever given or received!




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