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I created this blog after an ‘ah-ha’ moment while working for a Fortune 125 company (Bloomberg BNA).

I’m a ‘recovering type A’ mom who’s balancing family & work. When stress was affecting my physical well-being, I set out on a quest to find stress-relief techniques. One way to manage my stress has been sharing my journey on this blog.

I help women relax & rejuvenate….by encouraging creative expression with a dash of aromatherapy!

As my blog and my personal development have progressed, I’ve been diving deeper into mindset issues. It seems mindset is the current ‘buzz word,’ but I have been battling negativity and mindset issues for most of my life. Only recently have I been able to figure out how to shift into a positive mindset and see how that has a direct correlation to stress reduction.

Life is a constant juggling act where the ball that often gets dropped is your self-care, right? Self-care can include coaxing your inner creative side–whether it be through writing, photography, painting, music, reading a great book, learning a new language, or some other outlet.

Your moment of zen might strike you unexpectedly. A glorious sunrise, sunset, moonrise, or starlit sky may move your soul — if you take time out of life to look up at it!

Self-care has become even more critical this past year when access to our usual support systems has been restricted due to the global pandemic.  I often joke about how I must have been a cat in a previous life because my approach to life is to jump back up after getting knocked down (in the metaphorical sense).

This year, here are a few ways I’ve decided to ‘jump back up’ or spring back on my feet instead of letting confinement and isolation get the better of me. Along with my partner, I have created:

The podcast was a BIG step outside of my comfort zone since I am an introvert and have always been terrified of public speaking. Think sweaty palms and racing heartbeat! But I finally decided to just get over myself because I wanted to connect with other women and share their stories.

On the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast I share other women’s powerful stories around the globe!

Two signature questions  I ask all podcast guests are:

  • What do you do to relax & rejuvenate?
  • Who or what (or both) inspires you?

Yes, so speaking of being an introvert podcast host….being able to overcome this lifelong fear of public speaking inspired me to create the Introvert’s Guide to Rocking Your Podcast. It’s unique in that I address the special mindset challenges that introverts face AND it also addresses podcast technical issues.

It’s also got a pretty cool ROCKING vibe thanks to my partner, G, who brings over 20 years of his experience as a live sound engineer and tour manager (for bands you have heard on the radio….or on your playlist….yeah, remember radios?!)

Enough about All Things Relax….

I’d love to learn more about you….what challenges have you been facing when it comes to self-care and when it comes to having your voice heard? Please connect with me over on Instagram or join the private All Things Relax Facebook group.

Thank you for stopping by!

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