Interview with Angie Vlahovich, Founder, Imaya Beauty

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This week on the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast, I sit down with Angie Vlahovich, founder of Imaya Beauty, to talk about her startup clean beauty company based in Toronto, Canada.

Imaya Beauty is a startup, eco-conscious, clean beauty brand on a mission to save the Amazonian rainforest through skincare. Angie sources her natural alternative retinol face oil from the beautiful aguaje fruit from the Amazonian rainforest in Peru. She talks about the importance of sustainable harvesting and how workers climb the 10-foot tall aguaje trees on special ladders so that they don’t have to cut down the trees. The face oil is extracted from the fruit through hand pressing.

Workers are paid a fair living wage. Imaya Beauty returns a portion of profits to reforestation in areas where sustainable harvesting methods aren’t practiced.

Angie also shares how she relaxes and rejuvenates. Setting boundaries is a key part of her routine, for example, she unplugs from social media on weekends and likes to re-energize herself by going outside and discovering nature.

Tune in to hear more from this inspiring Canadian entrepreneur. You’ll also receive Imaya Beauty’s special discount code for All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast listeners!

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Interview, Angie Vlahovich, Founder, Imaya Beauty

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