Interview with Cindy Chan, Founder, Moms Got Talents

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This week on the podcast Sandi D. talks with Cindy Chan, founder of Moms Got Talents, to talk about how her organization based in Vancouver, Canada empowers moms to better themselves through developing their talents in arts and crafts to support their families.

Cindy’s background in higher education guides her organization in aligning United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with each artisan’s work. Mom’s Got Talents works with individual moms around the globe and has recently partnered with an NGO, Watoto, helping moms in Uganda and South Sudan.

Cindy mentions one of the mom’s served by Watoto, Vivian. You can see Vivian’s story and a short clip of her son as well.

Sandi and Cindy also talk about Cindy’s self-care routines. They also talk about ikigai  (pronounced ‘e-key-guy’): Japanese concept “a reason for being” and having a direction or purpose in life.

So, if you’re looking for an innovative, creative holiday present this year that helps moms around the globe support their families, please reach out to Moms Got Talents.

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Interview with Cindy Chan, Founder, Mom Got Talents


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