Interview with Isabelle Larouche, Children’s Author

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I had the pleasure of talking to French Canadian children’s author, Isabelle Larouche to learn more about her roots, why she loves to write, and what inspires her. After several months of being cooped up and practicing social distancing, it was a real treat to have a conversation with her on the All Things Relax podcast. At the time of the interview, she was in her chalet in a somewhat remote region of Québec.

Who Is Isabelle Larouche?

Isabelle is originally from the Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean region in northern Québec. She has lived in native communities throughout Québec teaching English as a second (sometimes third) language given her an authentic connection with the people from the First Nations. Isabelle’s childhood was filled with discovering untamed forest, rivers, and retracing the footsteps of the proud nations that lived off these lands for thousands of years before her.

Listen to our podcast interview where Isabelle tells us more about how growing up in a family of artists gave her the means to express herself in a variety of ways. Her mom, Hélène Beck, is an artist (painter) and her father, Albert Larouche, worked for Radio Canada. Isabelle tells us how she developed into a curious girl and writer. She has been writing since elementary school when she created her own newspaper.

As you listen to Isabelle you realize she is a natural storyteller. Prior to covid-19, she traveled throughout Canada to present workshops to students and dreams that one day (in the post-covid world) she will have the opportunity to teach students in Louisiana. Her extensive works are listed on her website.

The interview starts out in French for our francophone and francophile listeners (a summary in English is provided in the podcast Show Notes) and then transitions to English. So if you don’t know French, not to worry!!

I’ve given you a brief overview, but you won’t want to miss listening to the full episode. Isabelle is a fountain of positive, creative energy–just listening to her is sure to inspire you!

Isabelle Larouche, Children’s Author
Link to All Things Relax Podcast Interview with Isabelle Larouche
Podcast Interview: Isabelle Larouche

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