Interview with Lauren Zajac, Holistic Health Consultant

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In this podcast episode, Sandi D talks to Lauren Zajac, a certified Physician Assistant (PA) with 15 years of experience coupled with her personal story resulted in creating an online, concierge holistic health consultant service with a functional medicine approach.

Lauren was among the first persons I met when I moved to the central Pennsylvania region. She was conducting an Essential Oils workshop and we clicked as soon as she saw my cellphone area code and realized that I had relocated from her childhood area in the Washington, DC suburbs.

Lauren’s ‘Why’

Lauren shares her personal stories and family medical history which guide her ‘why’ as far as seeking holistic health alternatives to complement traditional western-style medicine. In addition to cancer running in her maternal and paternal sides of the family, both of her children experienced health challenges requiring Lauren to seek an alternative, functional medicine approach.

Lauren decided to create her online concierge-style holistic health consultant service so that she can help frustrated women identify the root cause of their health struggles and transform themselves after following a personalized plan. Lauren takes the time to fully explore her clients’ health history and devised a comprehensive intake form. Based on the client’s needs, she recommends testing. Listen to the episode to gain more insight into the differences between functional and traditional, western-style medicine!

Better Support Your Immune System

We talked about what our listeners can do to better support their immune system. [Disclaimer: All Things Relax and Lauren Zajac do not provide medical advice. Consult with your healthcare practitioner.] In addition to certain supplements mentioned in evidence-based studies as providing immune system support, there are other factors to consider. Listen to the podcast episode to learn more!

Wrap Up

I enjoyed catching up with Lauren to hear about her personalized program to help women live their best life! I look forward to hearing many more success stories from her clients! To our All Things Relax community, Lauren is providing a free initial consultation call. Book your call with Lauren Zajac today!

Lauren Zajac, MHS PA-C, Holistic Health Consultant
Lauren Zajac, MHS, PA-C, Holistic Health Consultant (Podcast Interview)

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