Interview with Nadine Wilches, LCSW, Founder/CEO, Mind the Class

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In this podcast episode, Sandi D. talks with Nadine Wilches, LCSW, founder of Mind the Class about how her curriculum gives parents and educators the tools they need to support children’s emotional health. Nadine gives listeners a somatic experiencing demonstration (at the 19 min mark). You won’t want to miss learning more about this effective stress reduction technique.

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Mind the Class is a fully prevention-based program that takes the focus off of response-based interventions and promotes mental wellness instead of crisis response.

Lessons are trauma-informed and culturally competent, focusing on reducing educator burnout and reducing mental health risks for students. A separate parent program was also created to help parents not yet supported by their schools. Nadine’s experience includes volunteer work in Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Nadine has created a special freebie available on her website for our podcast listeners interested in learning more about somatic experiencing. She walks us through somatic experiencing, a 3-part technique comprised of inventory, grounding, and relief. You work with identifying the sensation in your body (where you feel discomfort), explore what that emotion feels like, but not work with the thoughts or triggers.

Mind the Class Somatic Experiencing Strategies

The grounding technique involves what Nadine calls a gravity melt. You’ll want to listen to the podcast to fully experience how this works. The last strategy is ‘pendulation’ so you can relocate the tension in your body, allow it to be there, and use the gravity melt strategy to take the pressure off of your body. After walking through the full somatic experiencing example, I was able to find my flow state. Highly recommend you listen to Nadine walking me through these strategies! These techniques are a valuable tool not only to support children’s emotional health but also the adults in their life!

Additional references providing a framework for Nadine’s work and mentioned in the podcast are Peter Levine (somatic experiencing) and Dick Schwartz (IFS Institution, or Internal Family Systems, evidence-based model of psychotherapy).

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I hope you enjoy this highly informative episode!

[Podcast available on Apple, Spotify, and beyond.]

Nadine Wilches, LCSW, Founder & CEO, Mind the Class
Nadine Wilches, LCSW

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