Interview with Wendy Reis, Intuitive Life Coach

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In this episode, Sandi D. talks with Wendy Reis, Intuitive Life Coach and Theta Healing Practitioner. Wendy shares more about her 1:1 coaching and how her From Frazzled to Fearless 90-day program can help clients create a happier life. Wendy also shares what it’s like to be an empath or highly sensitive person. She tells us what unique self-care needs empaths may have and provides resources (see podcast Show Notes) they and their loved ones can read to learn more.

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Learn more about what theta healing is, how Wendy connects to her clients, tests their belief systems, and is able to help them ‘download’ updates. Having experienced a discovery call session with Wendy, I confirm how powerful and uplifting the experience was for me to work on setting boundaries with others and shielding myself from negative energy.

We also talk about how Wendy balances her work/life and reserves Sundays for spontaneous, unplanned activities with her family. Wendy shares some of her self-care activities. You won’t want to miss this episode to hear Wendy’s calming and soothing energy!! Our listeners will receive a 15% discount if they sign up for Wendy’s From Frazzled to Fearless program. You can book your free breakthrough Discovery call today to learn more.

Wendy Reis, Intuitive Life Coach
Interview with Wendy Reis, Intuitive Life Coach

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