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I’m still discovering the wonderful world of podcasts and seem to stumble upon categories ranging from relationship advice to small biz and blogging advice. Late last year I learned how a good podcast can help make a long car ride en route to a conference pass the time when one of my coworkers broadcasted on the car rental a few of her favorite crime series episodes (sorry, but I can’t remember which series that was, but just appreciated that we had engaging content and didn’t have to suffer inconsequential chit chat for 3 hours!)

Yeah, so I’m not quite organized enough to tune in regularly to any one particular podcast series–mainly because I need to (re)purchase a decent set of earbuds. (That’s a whole other side post–hold that thought!) That said, here are some of the podcasts I’ve listened to so far.

Relationship Podcasts

1. Mark Groves

I stumbled upon this podcast through Groves’ Instagram ‘Create the Love’ and it immediately resonated with me as I re-entered the dating realm last year. He gives no-BS relationship advice and doesn’t sugar coat a thing. His podcasts range from interesting monologues speaking to topics such as co-dependency, boundaries, building healthy relationships (spoiler alert: it all starts with loving yourself!), navigating breakups, etc.

To listen, click here. To see his brilliant IG truth bombs, link here.

P.S. Some of his IG posts are simple yet brilliant. Case in point: ‘The sexiest thing is trust.’ Um, hell yeah!

2. Laci Swann’s The Modern Momtrepreneur

This podcast is for the mom who juggles kids and building her small (or big) business. Laci Swann is a former coworker from my United States Pharmacopeia (USP) publishing department days. She founded an editorial and consulting business, Sharp Editorial, in part so she could follow her pro-basketball playing hubby around the globe while raising young children. Swann’s episode titled ‘My Biggest Mistake of 2019‘ was insightful and courageous as she shared how she sold herself short by creating easily attainable business goals instead of challenging herself with stretch goals. Her cookbook publisher called her out on it….!

3. The Terri Cole Show

Just found this podcast via Mark Groves’ podcast episode where psychotherapist Terri Cole was interviewed about co-dependent relationships. Her episode on How to Stop Walking on Eggshells, Now! was fascinating–whether you’re walking on eggshells either in a romantic relationship or at work–or you observe someone else who is constantly tiptoeing around the tulips and walking on eggshells. She is currently running a ‘More Love Meditation Experience’ – free if you sign up using the LoveMG discount code (hint: MG is Mark Groves, so special treat for Mark Groves podcast listeners!)

4. Blogging Breakthroughs with Faith Mariah

I’ve actually met this podcaster who was a blogger featured at Ruth Soukup’s Activate blogging conference in 2018. Faith sat at my table and was a real firecracker. She previously blogged about mental health (The Radical Transformation Project) and has since pivoted and rebranded under her name (faithmariah.com) to provide invaluable advice to bloggers. One of her podcast episodes challenged the blogging community to not niche down their audience too much when creating an ‘avatar’ since it could alienate potential readers. If you’re a beginning blogger or still growing your blogging business, check it out!

5. Hay House Meditations

One of my mentors recommended that I explore Louise Hay’s work in the self-help sphere. Her work is based on positive psychology and eliminating negativity–something I certainly need help with despite my perpetual efforts to see the glass as half full and not half empty. I’m currently working through her You Can Heal Your Life book and its accompanying workbook and discovered the podcast. Louise passed away in 2017, but her work still lives on through her publishing house. Listen to the meditations series here.

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