Astrology Is My Anchor, Toni Black, Founder, Jupiter’s Playground

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On this week’s podcast episode, Sandi D. talks with Toni Black, Astrologer and Self Discovery Life Consultant, based in Okinawa, Japan about tapping into astrology not only for self discovery but also to better understand those around you. Toni teaches astrology and other spiritual tools through art and play. During this episode, she guides us through a grounding exercise that will leave you refreshed & rejuvenated. 

Toni shares how astrology is her anchor and that although it might not be able to predict exactly what may happen to you, it can serve as a weather report of sorts that can guide you through life.

Toni will be offering 2021 astrology readings and birth chart-based life consulting through her website (link below). All Things Relax listeners will receive 20% off their astrology reading with promo code RELAX. 

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Interview with Toni Black, Astrologer | Self Discovery Life Consultant

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