The Best Resource for Self-Care After Diagnosis of Hashimoto’s

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I’ve decided it’s time to step (back) up to the self-care plate and take on Hashimoto’s disease.

The Best Resource for Self-Care after Hashimoto's Diagnosis
The Best Resource for Self-Care after Diagnosis of Hashimoto’s

Wiped out.

Every evening, I crash upon arrival in my bed after a day in the office.

Something just has to give.

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with the doctor, explaining that I am perpetually wiped out and as an aside, am constantly suffering from digestion tract issues.

Thyroid tests reviewed, recommendation to jack up my thyroid medication dosage and take Align Daily Probiotic Supplement to clean up the GI tract.

Well, after a retest, it’s ‘Oops, now the dosage is too high.’ Now I am being asked to alternate dosages every day and come back in a month to be retested.

Yeah, right.

Guess what? I am still wiped out.

Fed up, I finally made the plunge, with some gentle nudging from my mom.

I signed up for Dr. Isabella Wentz’s “Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program” (aka Hacking Hashimoto’s).  Earlier this year, I started reading her ground-breaking book, Hashimoto’s Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back. (Highly recommend it!)

The program’s online root cause assessment test revealed that I potentially have severe toxicity – almost every category is in the ‘red’ or high risk zone.


The only ‘green’ (low risk) I got was ‘breast implant illness’ – sigh.

I’m at the start of what will likely be a lengthy journey to reclaim my health.

I will keep you posted along the way just in case my story might help you or a loved one.

Naturally, I should start at the beginning, but, guess what? I’m too tired.

I promise though, in the weeks ahead, I will explain why I got my initial hypothyroidism diagnosis and how it took living in Japan to learn that I specifically have Hashimoto’s, an auto-immune disease where the thyroid attacks (more like cannibalizes) itself.

Stay tuned!!

Update: I requested several tests as recommended by Dr. Wentz. Of course, as to be expected, my doctor didn’t want to start with all of the tests, but she agreed to check my iron levels to check for anemia.

She indicated that another patient who was tired ended up having to go to the Emergency Room for intravenous iron supplementation because her iron saturation was 4%. (If you’re interested, my level was 9%–yes, I am anemic…ummm, no wonder I am always so exhausted!!)

I am working through Dr. Wentz’s course still (started Module 3), but here are a few self-care ideas I’d like to share, whether you have Hashimoto’s or just need to eliminate or reduce stress in your life!

Long overdue update: I will be writing a new update soon to let you know what I’ve been doing since last summer to optimize my health. Hint: I have been working with a fabulous holistic health coach who is a functional medicine practitioner based in Seattle, Kara Dowdall. Although Dr. Wentz has great information, I found that I needed a program tailored to my individual needs with one-on-one coaching and review of my test results

The Best Resource for Self-Care Tips

First, take some time to identify what makes you feel better. Then make time each day to actually take care of yourself.

Some self-care ideas for busy women include:

• ‘Me’ time – uninterrupted quiet time away from friends/family
• Exercise (swimming, hiking, cycling, walking around the neighborhood, etc.)
• Eating delicious, healthy foods
• Sunshine
• Listening to waves crashing on the shore at the beach
• Journaling
• Gratitude journal
• Meditation
• Spending time in person (IRL)with friends
• Mantras
• Creating a vision board
• Helping others (volunteer work)
• Dancing
• Music (listening to relaxing music, playing an instrument, singing)
• Hobbies (e.g., painting, knitting, scrapbooking, pottery, photography)
• Quality time with family
• Reading
• Quality sleep – if diagnosed with sleep apnea, using your CPAP machine!

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Diffusing essential oils such as lavender, Citrus Fresh (see related post, Relaxation and Lavender)
• Skype or Facetime chat with a long-distance friend or family member
• and more….what’s helps you relax?

Next, identify what drains your energy (sucks the life out of your soul).

Remove these as much as possible. For example:

• Negative people (e.g., don’t feed the trolls on internet, limit interactions with toxic people)
• Stress
• Poor food choices (e.g., binging on ice cream)
• Working long hours
• Overscheduling/over-commitment to non-essentials (it’s ok to say no!)
and more….which activities or behaviors lead to the ‘running on empty’ or frazzled feeling?


The Best Resource for Self-Care after Diagnosis of Hashimoto's
The Best Resource for Self-Care after Diagnosis of Hashimoto’s











10 thoughts on “The Best Resource for Self-Care After Diagnosis of Hashimoto’s

    1. Thank you, Erlene! I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow to request a panel of tests recommended by Dr. Wentz. Will write a follow up post once I get results and progress through the program.

  1. Hello Sandi. This is very interesting information. I am interested in program as well. But I get impression that program is only helps to find the root cause of our condition. What happens after? Did you get advice how to fix specific problems?

    1. Irina–I am still working through it and will be meeting with a functional nutritionist next month. I tried going the traditional medicine route and was able to get some of the testing done that I need, but not all of it. Traditional medical practitioners were able to address one of my health issues contributing to extreme fatigue, severe anemia. I will post an update after I work with the nutritionist. She previously was a mental health counselor, so I like that she knows both the traditional and the integrative medicine schools of thought.

  2. Hi Sandi, interesting article, I am thinking of purchasing the same program, but was wondering whether the info is the same like in the book? Also, do you have any update on your condition?

    1. Hi Nora, The information is excellent, but I’m finding I need the extra nudge and guidance of a personal holistic health coach. So I just started working with a lady based in Seattle (remotely) who personalizes care based on your individual lab results. I need to get updated labwork and then will start working with her, but just based on what she noticed in my labs from late last year, traditional doctors have missed some critical components.

  3. thank you for your review of Hashimoto’s Self Management. I just ordered mine a few days ago, and like you, I scored “severe” in all categories by one ( same as you). I’m trying to find time to watch the videos and do the workbook

  4. Hello, I’m currently doing this Program,,, started in April, got distracted and of the 12 weeks they have finished, I’m still on week 5. I’ve done lots of testing but can’t afford to do all she recommends, and I can’t afford all those supplements either. I have bought some at our nutrition store, but I already buy a lot of Pure Encapsulations from my functional med doctor. I feel a little better, but have had 2 separate traditional doctors say they feel I have Hypo Thyroidism currently. I enjoyed your column.

    1. Hi Penny – my apologies for not replying sooner — it’s been a tough summer (family medical emergency with my mom). How are you feeling? I did Dr. Wentz’s Liver Reset Protocol this fall and felt great during the protocol, but have slipped back into most of my poor dietary habits, so I need to get back on track! Take it one day at a time…..Happy New Year!

  5. Hello,
    I am also doing Dr. Wentz’s Hashi’s self management. I am in between Module 4-5, flipping back and forth between them. There are soooo many tests to do, supplements to try, and I”m making slow progress. Thanks for your page!

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