Compassionate Copywriter, Tahmina Ferdous, Founder, Candid Phrases

Interview with Tahmina Ferdous, Copywriter and Founder, Candid Phrases

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In this week’s podcast episode I talk with Tahmina Ferdous, founder and copywriter at Candid Phrases. Tahmina is also working on her second master’s degree studying gender studies at the University of York in the United Kingdom and is the recipient of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship. As a copywriter, she helps women entrepreneurs, particularly coaches and course creators reach their ideal customers with sales pages that convert. 

During the episode, Tahmina shares a powerful quote she first heard as an undergraduate from Muriel Rukeyzer,

The universe is made of stories, not atoms.

Rukeyzer’s quote inspired Tahmina to develop a digital course on copywriting techniques. It’s based on the premise that presenting a sales offer by telling a story will connect and stick with the audience. 

A Copywriter’s Hacks

Tahmina also gives a helpful copywriting hack to help women entrepreneurs, especially coaches and course creators, write more effective sales pages. You know, sales pages that result in people opening their wallets!  She advises that instead of stressing out and trying to approach writing a sales page as you would an academic paper, that it’s better to make an audio recording. Tahmina suggests that if you pretend you are telling a good friend about your product or service that the energy will transfer into your sales copy.

Some other hacks include going through and changing your sentences from passive to active voice. Is high school grammar a faint memory and you’re scratching your head wondering what was passive voice again? Here’s an example:

Active voice: Tahmina, our copywriter, wrote a kick ass sales page.

Passive voice: A kick ass sales page was written by Tahmina, our copywriter.

Tahmina is changing lives around the globe through her work as a copywriter, by changing words to help women entrepreneurs share their message.

Listen to the episode to hear more from Tahmina about these hacks. 

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

I asked Tahmina to share how she relaxes and manages stress. She describes her initial difficulty with meditation and shares that she is glad she stuck with it. She also does daily affirmations before drinking her bottle of water and finds water in general to be a source of relaxation. Through this practicer, she infuses her water with positive affirmations-– I love this!!

I share with Tahmina a fond childhood memory of going to Long Beach in Sag Harbor, NY after dark with my mom. My mom took us after sunset so we could kick our feet around in the water and see the phosphorus effect — as Tahmina points out, an effect called biluminescence where the water lit up.

Curious about biluminescent beaches? The beach I just described wasn’t quite as dramatic as those in this article, but this will give you an idea!

Who Inspires Tahmina?

When I asked Tahmina who or what inspires her, she shared two poems that have made an impact on her life. The first is Invictus, by William Henley and the second is Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. Did I mention…..Tahmina’s first master’s degree is in Literature? So it is not surprising that she finds inspiration in poetry!

Need a Copywriter?

If you would like to work with Tahmina to hire her as a copywriter, please visit her website or DM her on Instagram. She specializes in sales pages, but also edits website page content and can conduct an audit of your About page.

Candid Phrases


Check back for an update on Tahmina’s upcoming eCourse!

Poems referenced during the episode (affiliate links):

Invictus, William Henley
Still I Rise, Maya Angelou

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Interview with Copywriter Tahmina Ferdous
Changing words changes lives, interview with Tahmina Ferdous, Candid Phrases


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