The Cardinal Scents of Christmas (Holiday Essential Oil Blends)

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[Note: This was first posted in 2018 ‘BC, before covid.’ The holiday stress described below is now magnified at least a thousand times given the global pandemic debacle. This season it’s even more important to focus on and be grateful for you & your loved ones’ health!]

I don’t know about you, but for me, this time of year is not only magical, but it’s also stressful. Around this time every year, I am operating under the false impression that everything is under control. The internal dialogue sounds something like this:

Christmas tree up? Check.

Gifts hidden from the kids? Check.

Tree decorated? Umm….Nope.

Gifts wrapped? Of course not!!

Holiday postcards sent? Maybe.

The list goes on. You get the idea. The illusion of preparedness rules until I wake up and realize, grrrr, Christmas really is around the corner.

Bah humbug…I have a healthy (read hefty) to-do list.

Oh crap. I just remembered something I forgot to check at Target at the crack of dawn today. Target at 8 a.m. on a Sunday is as quiet and still as my back yard after a few inches of snow have fallen.

No, I’m not going to launch into a lecture of how I turned my life around and got my proverbial sh*t together by following the latest organizational guru’s three-day master class trending on social media or by downloading the checklist of all checklists or reciting stress-relieving mantras. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

And no, I am not going to launch into a diatribe about how the holiday season has become too commercialized. Not only do we all already know that, but I’ve never gotten wrapped up (pun truly unintended) in trying to meet other people’s expectations with respect to the coolest gadget, toy, or whatever the latest fad of the year might be.

No, I have never been a ‘follower.’

Case in point: In high school, my prized possession was a white t-shirt with “Why Be Normal?” written in day-glo orange. Oh, but I digress, shout out though to my childhood friends who might remember tthose days of teenage angst.

I also don’t plan on talking your ear off (um, write a book?) about my family’s Christmas traditions. First, my kids know better than to expect anything remotely ‘crafty’ (craftsy?) coming from me.

I can barely draw a stick figure, folks.

My annual ritual of baking up a batch of Joy of Cooking’s Rich Roll cookies is about the extent of my (culinary) craftiness. Well, there was a year where I upped my game and made a batch of gingerbread men, I mean, people. They weren’t particularly beautiful, but they sure did taste good, lol!

So, here’s the thing.

As I’m typing this post, I look up and through the front window, see the most beautiful cardinal sitting pretty in a bush.

Surprisingly, all three of our cats haven’t detected them. I quietly tiptoe over like a ballerina to get my lousy phone cam.  What do I see? Not only one plump red bird, but upon closer inspection, a small family (three) of cardinals with squatters’ rights to that bush.

This little family of cardinals is so beautiful–they almost look like Christmas decorations.

Oh, yeah, everything leads back to that tree I haven’t decorated yet….and note to self, I still need to pick up some birdseed for the bird feeder on our back porch. But…those cardinals sure are pretty!

Okay, yeah, so, where was I going with this post?

Instead of proclaiming some new fangled method of organizing Christmas or deciding I’m through with celebrating the holidays, I’ve opted this year to chill out and (somewhat) go with the flow. What?

A Virgo mom who goes with the flow??

Yes, it is possible. How so?

Well, this year I am creating a relaxing oasis in our home by diffusing seasonal scents. Not the chemical-laden reed diffusers that you used to buy at Pier One and the likes.

Oh no–those make me sneeze!

I only use pure essential oils made by a company that follows good manufacturing processes (GMPs). Recovering Type A mom confession…my time worked at the U.S. Pharmacopeia will never ‘leave me’ as I am forever obsessed with quality control and GMPs.

My go-to essential oils blend during the holidays is ‘Christmas Spirit’ from Young Living, a ready-made combination. (Prêt-à-diffuser, anyone?)

I’ve also ventured into mixing some of these suggested blends below when the creative urge hits me.

Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Note: You can use an electric diffuser, or try out a Christmas tree ornament reed diffuser!

Oh Christmas Tree
2 drops pine essential oil
2 drops cedarwood essential oil
5 drops spruce essential oil
2 drops cypress essential oil

All Is Calm
2 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops copaiba essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil

Christmas Eve
4 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops orange essential oil
1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil

Joy To The World
3 drops joy essential oil
2 drops spruce essential oil
3 drops orange essential oil

Winter Wonderland
5 drops citrus fresh essential oil
4 drops Christmas spirit essential oil (Young Living blend)

Twinkling Lights
4 drops Thieves essential oil (Young Living blend)
5 drops peppermint essential oil

Balsam Branches
5 drops balsam fir essential oil
3 drops orange essential oil
3 drops cinnamon bark essential oil

Evergreen Wreath
5 drops balsam fir essential oil
3 blue spruce essential oil
3 drops pine essential oil

Silent Night
5 drops cedarwood essential oil
3 drops stress away essential oil

Candy Cane
4 drops stress away essential oil
2 drop peppermint essential oil

4 drops ginger essential oil
1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil

Warm Winter Chai
3 drops stress away essential oil
3 drops cardamom essential oil
2 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
1 drop nutmeg essential oil
1 drop clove essential oil

All that’s missing now is sipping hot cocoa under the mistletoe — guess what? We’ve got oils for that too!

12 Cardinal Scents of Christmas Holiday Essential Oil Blends

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