DIY Essential Oils Gift Guide

DIY Essential Oils Gift Guide

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Do you or someone you love enjoy making essential oils-based products and DIY gifts? If you don’t already have a box subscription to Young Living essential oils, I recommend you start with a premium starter kit. It is the best value — high-quality oils, a diffuser, some Thieves household cleaner, sample Ningxia (think uber antioxidant beverage)….trust me on this, you will not regret getting a starter kit.

[Note: Please make sure that whatever brand of essential oils you use, you buy therapeutic grade essential oils from a reputable source that doesn’t add diluents to cut costs.]

More on how I started my wellness journey with essential oils here. Now that we have that out of the way, once you have high-quality essential oils (do not, I repeat, do not buy low-quality oils in the supermarket or online), there are so many products you can make. You just need a few tricks of the trade or essential oils supplies.

Here’s a short list to start you out or if you have a friend or loved one who ‘oils,’ these supplies would make great gifts!!

Oil + Glass. Gorgeous DIY products recipe book. I personally know one of the authors, Yael Marmar. She’s the real deal and lives and breathes the holistic approach to wellness for herself and her lovely family. Get this for yourself or it makes a lovely gift for the ‘oily’ person in your life.




Mini Stainless Steel Funnels. Huh, funnels? Yes, you will need these to get those precious drops of plant magic from your essential oils bottle into dropper bottles or rollers.




Cobalt Blue Dropper Bottles. Will you really need 24 of these? Why yes….you can give some away when you create essential oils products. I love to use these to create my facial serum.



Amber Glass Spray Bottles (12 count). These are great for creating facial sprays, Thieves hand sanitizer spray….well, you get the idea.




Amber Roller Bottles (8 count). I use these to make Chill Out and Pain Away rollers. You can also find cobalt bottles as well as smaller packs, but I’m pretty sure you will want to create gifts for the loved ones in your life especially if you get the Oil + Glass essential oils products DIY recipe book mentioned earlier!

Fractionated Coconut Oil (Carrier Oil). Used to dilute essential oils since some should not be applied ‘neat’ (directly to the skin). I prefer the oil with a pump. This one is organic. ‘Nuff said.

Beeswax Pellets. Trust me, you will need this. Used as an ingredient in lip balm, you will want to have this on hand. You can make lovely stocking stuffers. If you need more ideas on seasonal recipes, come back soon and I’ll post some! 




Lip Balm Kit (Tubes, Stand, Spatula, Labels, Caps). You can make 50 tubes of lip balm with this kit. Think DIY gifts for your children’s teachers, daycare providers, stocking stuffers for your family, or keep some for yourself! The stand takes the stress out of filling up those tubes–believe me, this is worth the initial investment!




Witch Hazel. This is the main ingredient for both facial tones and hand sanitizer. Umm, yeah, you can create an assortment of spa gifts for your loved ones and/or besties. And you don’t have to leave home to buy it, even better!!



Vitamin E. Another key ingredient to DIY facial and body products, so stock up on this so that you are well-prepared.




Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil. I prefer jojoba oil for my facial serum. This one is organic. You will want to experiment to see which oil works best for you when making skincare DIY products.




Organic Cocoa Butter. Again, you will want this for DIY skin products. One of the lip balm recipes I use calls for this.

Of course, I could continue, but for now, let’s stop at 12 so that you can get started on creating your DIY essential oils products! I would love to hear about what you make. I invite you to join the private All Things Relax Facebook group and also follow us on Instagram.

DIY Essential Oils Gift Guide
DIY Essential Oils Gift Guide

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