Do Ladybugs Hibernate? and Other Random Musings

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This week on the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast I ponder the somewhat silly but serious question, “Do ladybugs hibernate?” and from there, share my reflections on 2020 as we wind down what was for many a tumultuous year!! 

Yes, that seriously was a question my partner, G, and I asked the other night and was a source of inspiration for this week’s podcast solo episode. I didn’t go into detail about why ladybugs are suddenly so important to us though.

Let me explain. 

Why I Love Ladybugs

We’ve been working on mindset shifts the past few months and noticed that we had a few ladybugs crawling on the bedroom ceiling. I’ve seen ladybugs before–when I first moved into my house four years ago, a few would hang out by the bedroom door. But never I have ever seen them hang out on the ceiling, crawling around or even flying.

G would joke that since ladybugs are good luck, each ladybug represents $1M. So before going to sleep we would check in on the ladybugs and set the intention to knock it out of the park with our online business.

[Note: We launched an eCourse, The Introvert’s Guide to Rocking Your Podcast and are in the process of migrating it from one eCourse platform to another….I will write an update as soon as the migration is complete!!]

But the other night we noticed that the ladybugs are no longer on the ceiling. G confessed that he’s seen them under the nightstand, not moving, and was nervous about running the vacuum. So I wondered out loud, “Do ladybugs hibernate?” I really had no idea if they do or don’t. It was really late at night, but I knew it would be hard to sleep unless we researched it, so G picked up his phone and Googled it.

[Note: I have stricter self-care habits than G–my cellphone is on the other side of the room so that I am not tempted to look at it before bed, lol.]

Well, it turns out that yes, ladybugs can and do hibernate. I’m still too chicken to try to figure out if the ladybugs under the nightstand are just hibernating or have moved on to another realm, but I’d like to think they are just hunkering down for the winter.

I’d love to know if you are into manifestation and mindset hacks….feel free to share over on IG or in my Facebook group!

Reading for Pleasure

In this podcast episode, I also talked about two fantastic books I am reading. The first is a travel memoir, Where Is Home? that will help quench your wanderlust if you miss traveling as much as I do. It’s written by Mary Yuan, who was an international student whose world was turned upside down when her parents announced their divorce. To guide herself through the healing process, she decided to travel the world solo and learned more about her identity through her travels. It’s the perfect antidote in this time where traveling is still highly problematic due to covid-19 restrictions.

Armchair travelers who want to live vicariously through Mary’s lens and world perspective, this book is for you! 

The second is a beginner’s guide to chakras. [See the end of this post for full book citations and links.]

I read a section from the chakras book where you can tap into feeling the mini chakras and energy between your hands. Then it dives into how to feel your heart chakra. Both of these exercises were soothing to me. I’m looking forward to diving in deeper to work on unlocking my chakras to relief ongoing fatigue.

For those who are into the ‘woo,’ I also share that I had Toni from Jupiter’s Playground do my 2021 year ahead astrology forecast. For more about Toni, listen to my podcast interview with her titled, ‘Astrologer Is My Anchor.’ 

I express my gratitude that despite not being able to see my mom for Christmas this year, I was able to speak to her. My mom fought a tough, year-long battle with cancer and is currently in remission. 

Last, but not least, I give a shout out to all of those who have served on the frontline of covid-19, including my mom’s cousin, Dr. Lindsey Baden, serving as co-principal investigator on the Moderna covid-29 vaccine. 

Doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, big box store workers, delivery workers, and all the other people who are ensuring that the world continues revolving, I send you my heartfelt thanks! 

To round out the episode, I share how grateful I am this year that despite not being able to travel for the holidays, I am so happy my mom is in remission from cancer and was able to talk to us on Christmas Day!!

I would like to wish everyone a peaceful year end. I invite you to reflect on 2020 — what worked, what didn’t and focus on what went well as you push through to the other side to 2021. Although we aren’t out of the woods yet with respect to covid-19, I am optimistic as we usher in a new year with a new administration!

Books Referenced

Yuan, Mary. Where Is Home?: A Travel Memoir of Belonging, Healing, and Identity

Alcantara, Margarita. Chakra Healing: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras

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Do ladybugs hibernate? and other random musings

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