Summer Self-Care Summit: How to Beat the Dog Days of Summer

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I used to think positive affirmations weren’t effective and honestly thought they were the latest self-care fad. But then I started doing the ‘inner work’ and decided to write my own positive affirmations. I realized that although I do consider myself to be a ‘visual’ learner/person, when it comes to affirmations, I prefer audio. 

I wrote several affirmations and decided that since I have a home office that doubles as a podcast studio AND my partner, G, is a sound engineer, why not record my affirmations and have G mix them with uplifting music? 

Voilà, that’s how my FIRE affirmations were born! It’s become my passion to help women find their inner zen and feel good about themselves so that they can live their life with purpose. I talk about finding your inner zen the Self-Care with Kelsie podcast this week.

Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen

And speaking of Kelsie, from Simply Bentley….

I am so excited to share with you that I will be taking part in The Simply Bentley Summer Self-Care Summit! This two-day event is FREE and you can grab your free ticket here. I’ll be talking about Building Your Self-Care Toolkit and will give tips on creating positive affirmations.



Here’s a quick rundown of the details:

  • The summit will be held July 30-31.
  • Both days will be action-packed with speakers who can help you find the version of self-care that best fits your lifestyle.
  • We have a Facebook group where you’ll find lots of other amazing humans striving to create a more fulfilled life, you’ll be able to ask the speakers questions, and enter to win a prize or two! The group officially opens on Monday, July 12, but you can go ahead and get your request in right away.
  • You can attend the summit absolutely FREE but if you’re not able to be there, or if you would like unlimited access to the replays, you can grab the Summer Self-Care Summit All-Access Pass! You’ll get lifetime access to the replays, all of the info for each speaker in one convenient place, and some awesome bonuses as well!

The All-Access Pass is currently being offered for $30 off! (Making it $67) when you use the code SUMMER30 This price is only available until July 29th when the price goes up, so make sure to start thinking about that now so you can get in on this great deal before it goes away.

Are you excited? (I know I am, and so are all of the AMAZING speakers who are involved in making this happen!)

Stay cool with the Summer Self-Care Summer

Head on over to the Summer Self-Care Summit Info page to reserve your free ticket or grab more info about all of the speakers. You’ll receive some follow-up details and access to the Facebook group too!

I look forward to seeing you there!! When you sign up for the summit, you’ll get access to my Building Your Self-Care Toolkit Workbook for FREE!

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