Essential Oils To Help Moms Get Their Relax ‘On’

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I was so stressed out just trying to pick the right headline for this post, so please bear with me if it isn’t particularly click-baity, lol, and don’t be surprised if you come back later and it’s changed.

What does the word ‘relax’ evoke for you? For me,  I often associate it with that Frankie Goes to Hollywood song lyric ‘relax, don’t do it.’ The online Webster’s dictionary’s fourth definition is “to relieve from nervous tension.”

As some of you may know, my introduction to essential oils was thanks to a relaxing and rejuvenating aromatherapy massage in Japan which transported me to a zen-like state. So it was no surprise that years later when searching for a natural solution to tame my tension, I chose Young Living essential oils.

Topically or aromatically applied or inhaled, these plant-based beauties are not only liquid gold, but are also a lifesaver. (Actually, some of my virtual oily friends have a recipe for a DIY ‘Liquid Xanax’ essential oils roller, but I haven’t had to kick it up to that level….at least not yet.)

When I first received my Young Living premium starter kit (PSK), I focused on diffusing lavender. I didn’t even crack open the Stress Away bottle (a Young Living blend included in the PSK) until months later and at the time, wasn’t particularly impressed by it. It wasn’t until my friend, Lauren, suggested diffusing it with my first love, lavender, that I became a fan.

Eventually, I broadened my olfactory horizons beyond the 11 essential oils included in the PSK and discovered Valor, thanks again to Lauren. My dose of Valor, a proprietary blend of Young Living essential oils, does the trick when I know it’s going to be a challenging day.

I apply Valor to my wrists and voilà (inhale). It’s also great when applied to the jawline at night to support those of us who are teeth grinders.

This past January brought White Angelica into my home. I had heard great things about its potential after joining an essential oils Facebook community but it was out of stock for a long time. When it finally came back into stock, I scooped up two bottles of it. It has a spearmint-y scent that I can’t resist–it brings back visions of Double Mint Spearmint gum from the 1970’s, lol.

Topically or aromatically applied or inhaled, these plant-based jewels, um, essential oils, are a wonderful addition to my ever-growing toolbox of stress relief support.

These are but a few of your options if you are interested in trying out the natural approach to stress management and relaxation. For a more comprehensive list of essential oils to support relaxation, please sign up for my newsletter and receive a printable.

Essential Oils to Help Moms Get Their Relax On

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