Gift Guide for Francophiles

Gift guide for the francophile

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As you may have guessed (or maybe not), I have been a francophile (love all things French) since I was a child. My best friend’s mom was French, so I naturally gravitated towards learning French as a second language in middle school. The rest is history (I’ll save it for another blog post, lol). ‘Tis the season for the gift guide, so I bring to you my suggestions for gifts for the francophile–beyond the usual Eiffel tower motif!

Gift Guide for the Francophile
Gift Guide for the Francophile

Je vous souhaite tous ‘Joyeuses FĂȘtes’ (I wish everyone happy holidays)!

I could have easily expanded this list to include over 100 items. But, let’s face it — that would be a lot of scrolling on your mobile device!

Eventually I’ll add to this list, but for now, I will ‘K.I.S.S.’ (Keep It Simple, Sandi). Yeah, I know what the acronym is really supposed to say, but my friends, I am trying to embrace a more positive mindset as part of my overall wellness journey!


  1. Magnetic Poetry – French Kit. I haven’t tried this out yet, but this could be lots of fun for not only the fluent French speaker, but also for those who are learning the language.
  2. Indochine’s ’13’ (music CD, also available as MP3).
  3. Hiroshima Mon Amour (Alain Renais’ classic movie will please francophiles and japonaphiles alike)
  4. Le Petit Prince (classic book that adults and children will both appreciate!)
  5. Madeleines (French tea cakes) or if you prefer to bake them yourself, check out these Madeleine pans and recipes

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