Hold onto Your Vision and Dream Big

Hold Onto Your Vision and Dream Big

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Word of the Year
Words of the Year

Happy New Year! I’m Sandi D, your Queen of Podcast Zen & founder of All Things Relax. Speaking of the New Year, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions to hold my vision for the new year, I do two things. 

First, I pick a Word of the Year to shape how I envision the upcoming year. This year, my Word of the Year is IGNITE! 

You might wonder how I arrived at this word. I like to brainstorm with a notebook and pen and write words that come to mind about how I’m feeling about the upcoming year. 

2021 is going to just light up and IGNITE with a huge energy and mindset shift. I am owning my space in the podcast world and continuing to interview creative and inspiring women around the globe.

Here on the blog, I help women relax and rejuvenate by encouraging creative expression with a dash of aromatherapy.

Towards the end of 2020, I hired a college student from Canada to redesign the All Things Relax logo to infuse new energy and fuel my momentum. [Side note: She’s actually an Accounting student based in Vancouver, but loves to do graphic design to pay for college.]

It was worth it! 

Vision Board – Digital or Physical?

Second. Another New Year’s tradition is creating a vision board. 

Last year, I made a physical vision board with my son. I get easily frustrated though with scouring magazines, especially since I no longer buy physical magazines. Plus, as a left-handed lady, aka leftie, dealing with markers and glue can be problematic. I always manage to get gunk on the side of my hand, no matter how hard I try to keep it clean! 

Well, on New Year’s Eve, my partner G and I decided to make a digital vision board

Brainstorming Your Vision Board

First we brainstormed what elements we wanted to include and then searched for photos that delighted us. When you are doing this, don’t hold back.

Dare to dream big.

I am still working through mindset issues with respect to dreaming big. It’s not so much that I don’t feel I deserve great things. It’s more about the fact that I value experiences over material things. So you won’t see fancy cars on my vision board or ridiculously price designer purses or handbags. Now, if that’s your jam, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Here are some of the elements on our joint vision board. 

  • Travel. Once the global pandemic is under control, the first thing we want to do is visit France. Arc de Triomphe in Paris & beach in Nice, France.
  • Home. A dream house with room for a sound studio. Our current sound studio in my office is nice, but this would have more space. 
  • Nature. We both love mountain views, so we included photos of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Garden of the Gods. 
  • Food. Sushi and macarons. Because…..both are delicious and you can never have too much of either!!
  • Books. I love to read books, so my vision includes a cozy library filled with real books (I haven’t jumped over to the dark side of Kindle yet, maybe someday I will). I confess, I am old school and usually will highlight books, dog-ear pages, and write pages numbers in the inside cover to refer back to nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. 
  • Word of the Year. As I mentioned before, my Word of the Year is IGNITE. My partner G’s is ELEVATE. We also want to manifest health, happiness, and abundance, so I added those words to our vision board. Together we are going to IGNITE AND ELEVATE both personally and in our business and hold onto our vision. 
  • Abundance & Good Luck. Last, you may notice some ladybugs on our vision board. There’s a story behind that. If you want to know more, I talk about the ladybugs on my latest podcast episode, Do Ladybugs Hibernate? & Other Random Musings.

Our 2021 Digital Vision Board

Hold Onto Your Vision Board
2021 Vision Board

Originally I was going to just copy and paste the images into a Google Doc, but G had the brilliant idea of using Canva. It was so much easier to resize images and make the text pop with Canva’s wide assortment of fonts and special effects. Why didn’t I think of this before?!

You can Google images and if you have Canva pro, you also have access to their library of photos.

Creating a Joint Vision with Your Partner?

So, you’re probably thinking what guy is going to sit with his partner and create a vision board?

Well, actually, my partner G is a strong believer in the power of holding a vision. 

When I told G I wanted to create a vision board for 2021, he found one that he made back in 2012. 

His 2012 vision board had a picture of Prague. G was a tour manager and live sound engineer for well known bands for over 20 years. He had been to Europe several times, but had yet to see Prague and really wanted to go. 

So he added a picture of Prague on his vision board. Literally a few hours later,  G received an email from the record label and found out he was going back to Europe

Guess where the first show was going to be? Yes, Prague!! 

Was it a coincidence or did he manifest it? We’ll never truly know, but he’s a firm believe of holding a strong vision and keeping it in front of you. We decided to have our vision board printed at Staples and will be framing it so that we don’t lose sight of our vision for the future!

I would love to hear what your 2021 vision is….do you have a word of the year? Have you designed a vision board? If so, feel free to share in the comments below! 

Have a great day, and again, Happy New Year!!

Hold Onto Your Vision and Dream Big
Hold Onto Your Vision and Dream Big

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