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Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech-Savvy Teen

Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy Teen

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy Teen
Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy Teen

Scratching your head over what gift to get that tech-savvy teen in your life? I hear you! For this holiday gift guide, I reached out to my children (teen boys, ages 14 and 18) for suggestions on what gifts to include in this list. My younger son is still thinking about it, but my older son who is a freshman at Penn State sent over his recommendations.

I was tempted to call this the twelve days of tech gifts, but this list may grow!! If you have any suggestions, please help a parent and post in the comments or over in my Facebook page.

            1. Wireless Stereo Blue Tooth Headphones. What’s so special about these? They come with a charging case, so no USB needed!
            2. Wireless Charger. My boys keep telling me I should get one of these. I see why they say not to buy accessories ‘chez Apple’ – something similar goes for around $40, but this is under $15 on Amazon Prime
            3. SSD (sounds like a government agency!) I actually had to research the acronym – it stands for solid state drive. Some kind of computer part.
            4. Switch controller charger. This thingy charges up to four Nintendo controllers. Maybe it charges other devices–ask a teen!
            5. Switch Joy-Con Charging Deck, another option. My son says this one looks better than the one listed above it.
            6. 256 sd card. Apparently SanDisk cards are all the rage since my son listed two options. This is the 256 gigabytes version!
            7. Backpack for Switch. So about here I finally figured out that Switch must be the name of some Nintendo game or gaming device. Ha!
            8. 128 SanDisk card. Not as much storage, but it’s about 1/3 of the price of the 256 GB card.
            9. Nintendo Switch – Fortnite. OK, so I’m told that Fortnite is a popular game and to be clear, we’re not talking about two weeks’ time.
            10. Fortnite Llama PopSockets Stand for Smartphones and Tablets. My son just wrote ‘popsocket’ and I must confess, I was clueless. 
          1. Fortnite Backpack Battle Royale. I was surprised by the affordability of this suggestion! You could fill it up with more gifts!
          2. Snapchat glasses. So this one was a surprise, coming from my older son who claims he doesn’t use social media. Or maybe he included it because he knows his brother is sometimes lurking on snapchat.

                Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get the Tech-Savvy Teen
                Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get the Tech-Savvy Teen


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