How I Channeled My Introvert Self to Rock My Podcast

Introvert's Guide to Rocking Your Podcast

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I have a confession to make (if I haven’t already made it). I am an introvert with a capital I. Yes, a big-time introvert who gets rather cross when I don’t get my ‘alone time.’ Just ask my extrovert partner–he can confirm that I definitely need time to recharge my batteries on a daily basis. Despite being an introvert, I have found that I do miss people, especially after months and months of social distancing. I found I needed to channel some of that unspent energy in a way where I could somehow connect with others.

I had been telling my partner since earlier in the year, as in ‘B.C.’ or before-covid that I thought a podcast would be a great platform for promoting the blog and expanding my reach but to also share my message with others. For some reason, he thought podcasting meant having to record in a professional studio. You see, his background is in the music industry, working as a live sound engineer and also as a tour manager for bands you have heard on the radio.

Curious about which bands? I’ll get back to that later ….

Well, in the third week of March, my partner was one of the many casualties in the covid layoffs and lost his job in media sales and marketing. Some people might have been crushed by this, especially by the loss of a steady income. But let me tell you, G has the “glass is half full” and not the “glass is half empty” take on life. So, just like a cat, he bounced right back and decided this was a blessing in disguise and to see this as an opportunity to grow my blog into the All Things Relax brand.

First, we started on identifying blog posts that needed to be tidied up, especially those needing updated graphics. Then we decided to create an online boutique where women can treat themselves to self-care goodies. We also created a wonderful 31 Quotes digital download product that women can purchase in our store. We spent a lot of time strategizing about the All Things Relax Instagram feed and Facebook page. But I felt that something was missing. I just had this nagging feeling that All Things Relax needed more.

Birth of a Podcast

Finally, I asked G if we could just look into creating a podcast. I told him we could leverage his sound tech expertise. This would be a huge step outside of my comfort zone since I’m an introvert, but it was also a huge opportunity for personal development. I have always subscribed to the lifelong learning philosophy. G started researching how to create a mini-studio inside of my office and ordered supplies and equipment.

While G was focusing on the technical side of podcasting, I started brainstorming what message did I want to convey to listeners, what did I want for the show format, how frequently should we strive to drop episodes. After careful consideration (I am a Virgo, after all), I decided that the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast would be a place where I could share other women’s stories. I decided I would interview creative, inspiring women and would also build in the flexibility to do solo episodes and share nuggets about my life’s journey, my worldviews, etc. From there, I did a massive ‘brain dump’ on potential guests and started reaching out to women.

Podcast Launch & My First Interview!

My first guest, Isabelle Larouche, was eager to participate! She was game for rushing full steam ahead and agreed to an interview the weekend she was closing up her summer cottage in northern Quebec — right before heading back to her other home near Montreal. She’s a children’s author and storyteller extraordinaire. You can feel her energy and love for nature just by listening to her.

Since our first episode, I have had the privilege of interviewing some amazing women! In each interview, I tie it all together with the common thread at the end asking them these questions:how they relax and rejuvenate and then ask who or what inspires them. (Or sometimes who and what). Being able to connect with these highly creative women, whether they are educators, authors, health consultants, life coaches, eco-conscious beauty brand founders, etc has been truly inspiring!

Throughout this journey, G has been my producer and keeps the show going by following up on the logistics of scheduling interviews, conducting sound checks, doing the post-production work so that my guests and I sound great, and more.

So, do you think we stopped at that?

Of course not! Somewhere in between recording episodes, we attended Kate Doster’s Big Three Summit and were inspired to hire a graphics designer to redesign the All Things Relax logo. Somewhere between the Big Three Summit and rebranding, I was drawn into Faith Mariah’s Blogging Breakthroughs Facebook group and participated in her 5-day Blogathon challenge. During blogathon I identified the following core values:

All Things Relax Core Messages

I loved the support in that group and decided to join her blogging mastermind group.

Building on this momentum, we decided to take this a step further and develop the Introvert’s Guide to Rocking Your Podcast eCourse. G and I wanted to share what we learned about launching a podcast and help people define their show, teach sound techniques in an easy, accessible way, and even more importantly, address mindset issues that introverts face especially with respect to public speaking.

Looking at this from the ‘glass is half full’ perspective, I guess I can thank the global pandemic for grounding me.

Literally and figuratively.

Since we are spending more time from home we have more time to focus on developing the All Things Relax brand.

All Things Relax Core Messages

Introvert's Guide to Rocking Your Podcast
Introvert’s Guide to Rocking Your Podcast eCourse

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