Interview with Annie Richardson, Your Fairy Blogmother

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In this week’s podcast episode, I talked with Annie Richardson, blogger and tech whiz about her new eCourse, Video Bloggers Toolkit. Annie also tells us about her two blogs, True Crime Diaries, and True Crime and Woo. Annie shares her unique perspective in sharing True Crime stories by focusing on honoring the victims’ lives. We also find out why she pivoted to add the ‘WOO’ to the TRUE (crimes). 

Annie Richardson Consulting
True Crime Diaries
True Crime and Woo

Social Media
Facebook (Your Fairy Blogmother)
Facebook (True Crime and Woo)

Video Bloggers Toolkit (simple video editing techniques to take your business to the next level!)
True Crime and Woo (relax and release negative energy)

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Interview with Annie Richardson, Your Fairy Blogmother

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