Interview with Dr. Helena Liu, founder, Disorient

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This week on the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast, I talk with Dr. Helena Liu, a scholar based in Sydney, Australia. Her area of expertise is intersectional feminism with a focus on social justice research and education. Her newly launched blog, Disorient.co, is an invaluable resource for intersectional feminist thought, education, and activism. 

This episode was recorded the week of the US presidential elections. At that time, it was expected that Biden-Harris won, but as of this episode release, #45 still has not conceded the election. Dr. Liu and I touch on systemic racism and politics in the US. 

Join us and listen to this episode to find out what unfortunate event served as a catalyst for Dr. Liu’s blog. 

We talk about the importance of validating one’s experience of injustice and the effects of gaslighting. For those who are not familiar with the field of intersectional racism, Dr. Liu explains in layperson’s terms how it differs from traditional feminism.  



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Interview with Dr. Helena Liu

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