Letters to Girls Who Dream of Flying: Book (P)review

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Today started with a vivid dream. I don’t usually remember my dreams, thanks to my sleep apnea! I won’t go into details today {future post!}, but it was a powerful dream.

Today started out as a typical working mom’s juggling act: caring for a sick child, arriving late to work, and shopping for a new real estate agent. Sadly, I’m not kidding about the third item….

After a long day of mental gymnastics, I came home to the most precious gift: a book!

Not just any book, but a book published by my dear friend and former co-worker, Shona Bramble. Shona has been talking about publishing a book for about 3 years. Periodically, as a friend should do, I would gently inquire about her progress.

Life often got in between Shona and her baby, I mean, book.

Well, she finally gave birth to her baby and sent me a gift copy of Letters to Girls Who Dream of Flying. I was ecstatic when I opened the Amazon package!

This is an inspirational page-turner. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday–I will be reading this weekend!!

Just a quick (p)review — in 2014, Shona sent out an email to a group of women asking if they would be interested in participating in a book she was writing. I agreed without hesitating for even a split second.

Responses to a series of questions became the letters in the book. Shona organized the letters, addressed to ‘Beautiful’ into categories of inspirational women and created ‘flights’ instead of chapters.


For example, ‘Flight 1’ contains letters from women identified as ‘The Bargainers’ — women from the corporate world. The flights that took off are as follows:

  • Flight 1: The Bargainers
  • Flight 2: The Educators
  • Flight 3: The Healers
  • Flight 4: The Creators
  • Flight 5: The Communicators
  • Flight 6: The Organizers
  • Flight 7: The Warriors
  • Flight 8: The Builders
  • Flight 9: Flight Plan
  • Flight 10: Resources

Spoiler alert: The letter I wrote landed in Flight 5, The Communicators! More on that after I have a chance to fall back to earth.  I promise to include a quote from my letter after I stop jumping up and down with joy.

Such a beautiful book of inspiration!

Letters to Girls Who Dream of Flying. would make a wonderful gift for that special girl or women in your life!

Hint, hint: Just around the corner, Mother’s Day.

Coming soon, a companion blog post where I will interview Shona Bramble about the path that led to Letters to Girls Who Dream of Flying.

Stay tuned!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. Today I decided to join the Civil Air Patrol as a senior member/volunteer. Nothing will stop me from flying now!





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  1. How awesome that you’re featured in the book…I’d be jumping with joy, too! The cover illustration is beautiful. I might check it out!

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