Living Your Kuel Life with Jacqueline (Jack) Perez, CEO, Kuellife.com

Jack Perez CEO Founder Kuel Life

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This week on the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast I talk with Jacqueline (Jack) Perez about Kuel Life, an online, ad-free platform empowering women in midlife and beyond. Jack created the platform to fill a gap in the lifestyle niche for women reaching midlife and beyond. 

Kuel Life members have access to meaningful, curated content and online forums with access to money, health, and other experts. Kuel Life also promotes women-driven brands through its online shopping platform–SHOP Small. 

Speaking of money, Jack and I reflect on how it wasn’t until 1974 that women were allowed to open a credit card in their own names. If you are a women in midlife and beyond, that really isn’t so long ago! We talk about how women in the midlife and beyond years weren’t really taught much about how to manage money. I talk about the money mindset blocks that many women in the blogging/business mastermind I’m in face and how we can work through those blocks to be successful.

Jack shares how after working in the corporate world for several years, she moved to San Francisco when the .dotcom era was at its height to launch a public relations firm with her husband (at the time). Fast forward–Jack moved to North Carolina for lifestyle purposes, reinvented herself, and launched Kuel Life.

Jack talks about she’s had thousands of conversations with different women and has curated quality content for midlife and beyond through experts in the community. Between baby boomers and Gen X’ers, as a collective group of women, we outnumber everyone else. As Jack states, if we make noise, collaborate, and are a unified front, we cannot be ignored.

Kuel Life Curated Shop

Jack also shares how the women whose products are available in Kuel Life’s curated SHOP have a variety of reasons why they launched their small, women-driven brands. Whether it’s the woman burned out from corporate life or the stay at home mom finding it hard to re-enter the workforce (or doesn’t want to re-enter the workforce), these artists have found a home in the Kuel Life Shop. Jack interviews these entrepreneurs as well, so you get to know the artist/entrepreneur behind the gift you are purchasing.

Jack started out cold calling potential artists/entrepreneurs to invite them to list their offerings in the Kuel Life shop. The Shop has grown to the point where now artists / entrepreneurs are referred to her, so no more cold calling. Jack’s business background (she has an MBA) really shines through in this conversation–I love how she has leveraged her business acumen to empower women and give them a beautiful platform to share their work.

I also asked Jack to share a travel story from an off the beaten path trip she took to Bolivia. You won’t want to miss out on hearing how the ‘invisible’ woman (invisible to innkeeper) fares after ignoring Jack. 

Not a Kuel (Life) woman yet? Join Kuel Life’s annual membership and get 2 months for free! (promo code not needed).

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Interview with Jack Perez CEO and Founder Kuel LIfe
Interview with Jacqueline (Jack) Perez, CEO / Founder of Kuel Life

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