Now and Zen I Breathe Peace

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Guest blogger Pamela Moffatt reflects on finding inner peace and meditation.

guest post by Pam Moffatt titled Now and Zen I Breathe Peace
Now and Zen I Breathe Peace


“Peace: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart,” wrote one of my favorite authors, Unknown. Someone unknown, like me, thought about peace while their toddler screamed in the checkout line? Or when the Social Security officer they had waited hours to see told them they had to return with another form of ID? Or as a client produced a huge project ten minutes before rush hour on a Friday?

Where is your peace then, eh buddy? I used to wonder. But family life changed me more than years of studying theology or praying in remote woodlands and tidy chapels. Faced with death repeatedly, I had to zone in on something tangible in this world. My experience was before smart phones. By now, there must be an app for inner peace. But my methods are old fashioned and do not require batteries.

Real peace connects the spirit within the body with the great spirit of True Love. And yes, breathing helps. Breathing is generally a good idea anyway. Observe your own breath. Can you feel air enter your lungs? Imagine all the lovely little oxygen molecules giggling as they circulate to your heart. You pull your mind away from the cacophony of external events to focus on internal change. This is the starting point.

Keep breathing. We have such power within our minds. And exhale the spent and sleepy carbon, the detritus of angst, anger, fatigue and pain. Inert, it releases to the atmosphere to settle into dust. Breathe in love again, and your heart receives a balm, your mind opens to peace. For the spirit of peace and love surrounds us. It permeates the expanse between protons and electrons of every atom in your body, of every atom in space.

Think of the big bang. Inchoate energy. The transformation of ovum to zygote as it receives a single sperm. Take in the air of peace, the oxygen of love. You are transformed into a new being of peace, unperturbed by events external. You and the oxygen of love become one. A new creature. The divine within you lives. Breathe with divine peace. Love with divine love all that surrounds you. You are safe in a divine womb of love.

Look upon all that occurs from the viewpoint of eternity. This moment in time is filled with peace and love. This eternal moment belongs to you. It is here for you to claim. It awaits you to drink in the breath of eternal love. Sip the air through your nostrils. You are without end, without beginning, one with the river of love everlasting. You flow around obstacles, breathe light into the dark, embrace suffering with your divine love.

Breathe in divine peace; exhale the world’s pain. As peace fills your lungs, it fills your mind. Your lungs empty into freedom. Now as you exhale, you release gentle peace upon this world from within your lungs, within your heart. You have transformed. You are transforming the world with each breath. Breathe thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As you return to the world, bring your divine love with you. Keep breathing. Keep your mind on your breath. As you breathe, you love. May the world receive your love.


Guest post by Pamela Moffatt: Now and Zen I Breathe Peace. On finding inner peace in the middle of chaos.
Now and Zen I Breathe Peace


Pamela Moffatt was born optimistic, crowning during a blizzard before her mother entered the Chicago delivery room. Raised in Illinois, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, France and Colorado, she learned from a tender age the value of cultural adaptation and the written word. She is a beginning yoga student as of 2013 and considers herself a peace-loving global citizen. She is editing a memoir of her spiritual journey, Almighty Minus, and a poetry chapbook, It’s All in the Ginseng, a collection of mostly free-verse observations of the human spirit. You can find her on twitter @pcmoffatt or at




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