Office Holiday Party Gift Guide – 10 Gifts for Under $20

Office Holiday Party Gift Guide 10 Gifts for Under $20

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Office Holiday Party Gift Guide 10 Gifts for Under $20
10 gift ideas for the white elephant or office gift exchange party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (before you know it). Until you have to add one more holiday gift to your list — the office gift exchange, sometimes known as the white elephant gift exchange. Those exchanges are supposed to be fun, but often result in unwanted and tacky gifts, let’s face it! And trying to get something within budget — usually set to $10 – $20, can be yet another challenge.
Well, we CAN DO this….Here are 10 suggestions for gifts under $20 or the office holiday gift party.

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      1. Blue Lotus Chai. My functional medicine health coach recently recommended this tea. The spices in this masala chai are festive and will keep whoever receives this warm and feeling good!
      2. I Survived Another Meeting Mug. This silly mug will make your gift the laugh of the party (or did I mean to say make the recipient the life of the party, lol). Who won’t laugh when they pull straws for this gift? Hopefully the pointy-haired boss (Dilbert comic reference) has a sense of humor. Even better – this is for a pack of two. So one for you, one for your spouse’s holiday party, or one for a stocking stuffer.
      3. Godiva Hot Chocolate Canister. Help your coworkers stay warm this winter!
      4. Aromatherapy Lava Bead Bracelet – Unisex. The color and simple design make this a unisex mobile aromatherapy accessory. If you want to also gift your frazzled coworkers with some essential oils, please read here!
      5. BLAH BLAH BLAH Button. Is there a lot of ‘blah blah blah‘ that goes on in your office? If so, this gag gift will be a huge hit since you’ll be able to say blah blah blah in 12 different tones!
      6. Christmas Mad Libs. Remember Mad Libs from  your childhood where you create silly stories while you unwittingly learned parts of speech? This gag gift is not only affordable, it will also create hours of mirth. We used to do these in pencil so that we could go back and re-create more crazy stories.
      7. Dilbert Desk Calendar. Huh? If you were of a certain age about a decade or more ago in the workforce and had snarky colleagues, then you will surely remember Dilbert. Your daily dose of timeless office humor in a calendar. Laughter is the best medicine, after all!
      8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Yes, calling all insomniacs. These glasses filter out the blue light which interferes with melatonin production. My functional medicine practitioner swears by blue light blocking glasses. She says to wear these in the evening and remember to stop screen activity about an hour before bedtime. You’re coworkers’ family members will love you for this gag no, not a gag gift.
      9. Festive BYOB Bottle Lights. Brighten up your holidays with these cool lights. BYOB – bring your own bottle – and just add these lights for whimsical yet seasonal decor.
      10. Single Cuppa Joe Brewer. Needs coffee, will travel? Check out this single serve coffee brewing contraption. Just add coffee grinds and hot water and voilà!

If your coworkers don’t appreciate these gifts, remember, they can always re-gift these items! What is the most memorable white elephant or office party gift that you have ever received?

Holiday Party Gift Guide – 10 Gifts for Under $20

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