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Your Personal Shopper-Robinette Kimberly

Your Personal Shopper-Kimberly Ross

As a certain song professes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Actually, for many people, the holidays are filled with stress. I recently touched based with a former coworker and family friend to find out working with a personal shopper can alleviate holiday stress. If you need to find the right gift for that someone special, India Hicks Ambassador Kimberly Ross is here to help! Shopping and gifting services are offered through her business, Robinette Kimberley.

  1. Please tell readers a little bit about your artistic/creative background and how that led you to becoming a brand ambassador for India Hicks?

My grandmother, a very stylish woman, raised me and always took me on the city bus to go shopping with her downtown. The department store we frequented at the time was Woodward & Lothrop. Her flight attendant daughter, my aunt, would buy me fashionable things both locally — from Saks and Garfinkels — and from around the world. My feet are very skinny, and when I was a young girl she traced my foot on a sheet of paper and had custom boots made for me in China. So fashion was in my blood at a very early age.

Around 2014, a co-worker was selling an interchangeable handbag that I thought was genius and attractive. I bought so many of them that she suggested I begin selling them, which I did. When that company went out of business, I began representing a jewelry company that also had the interchangeable concept. Throughout my selling both brands, I would occasionally encounter a client who wanted a more high-end product.

In 2016, I was introduced to the India Hicks company. I saw that its collection was stunning, well crafted, very personal and spoke to a lifestyle, offering pieces across categories, including uncommon handbags, adventurous jewelry, delicious fragrances, luxurious spa products and beautiful gifts for the home. And then I met India who truly lives the company’s mantra “Live An Extraordinary Life”, and it has been infectious for nearly 2,000 Ambassadors. India Hicks is the only brand I currently represent.

2. What is your thought process when working with a new client? I immediately go into listening mode, so that when I make recommendations, I don’t overwhelm the client. I also realize that people are busy, so, again, my carefully listening saves them time. And, I watch the client as he/she looks through the catalogue and feels and experiences the collection, to get a sense of what’s attracting them.

3. How can a personal shopper/stylist help take the stress out of holiday shopping, whether it be for gifts for others or curating goodies for the client him or herself?

Phone and email communication tends to have the least amount of intrusion. I will inquire about something personal about the gift recipient or client and make recommendations. I will then guide them to make the purchase themselves or offer to make it for them. The other stress-free option is an appointment to visit my home studio. While the visit requires more of the client’s time, he/she doesn’t have to deal with walking long shopping malls or standing in store lines. When they visit, it is treated as such, with conversation, laughter, food and drink — often a reprieve. Also, most India Hicks pieces arrive in pretty boxes that are ready for gifting. If needed, I provide gift decoration services.

4. What are some of your favorite India Hicks pieces for this holiday season and why (what makes them special)?

All of it! Every piece is special. I’ll start with The Flirtation hand wash gift set. Everyone uses hand wash, so it’s such an easy gift to give, and the packaging is so lovely. I like it in The Grove fragrance for men and married couples and in Casuarina for women. The other gift set, A Serious Affair, is wonderful as well, giving a woman the full, India Hicks spa experience. Our Siren Scarf is now available with a hint of gold or silver sparkle. The gift recipient will wear it throughout the holidays and beyond.  Also, pieces from our curated collections are incredible! The soft pajamas designed with Eberjey are so luxurious, and the holiday apparel designed with Day Birger et Mikkelsen is stylish and perfect for the woman who has everything and who doesn’t want to see others wearing what she wears.

For the home, I’m insanely in love with the Lucite Boxes designed with ANNA by RabLabs. I buy them for the man who has everything, including a Vice Chairman for JP Morgan. For travel and running around, I adore The Crown Jewels, which is a hard case — like a suitcase — for transporting your jewelry. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s a wonderful companion for The Duke and our matching travel accessories. The Madly Deeply is huge and my go-to tote. It will hold a day’s worth of shopping packages and carry all of your wrapped gifts from house to house on Christmas day. The new foldable Chameleon Tote is totally chic and cool, because I can tuck it inside the Madly Deeply, in the event I need another bag on the spot.

One of my favorite handbags is The Insider Clutch because of its geeky, trapezoidal shape and ironic chic style. It is offered in seven colors and is extremely roomy and organized for day or evening. For a satchel, I carry the Fussy Sarah. It is my classic bag for important meetings and day events. Available in Black/Velvet and Colorblock, it can expand to carry files and more. For shoulder bags, the new Cartridge Bag is so versatile. Because of its two removable straps, it’s like owning two bags in one, offering either a casual or sophisticated, Jackie O look, in Merlot or Black.

For jewelry, the Double O choker necklace, bold Heritage Link Bracelet and romantic Pomander Ball with fragrance beads are classics that will stand the test of time. The glistening Star Cuff, Casino Cuff, Baccarat Earrings and Disco Volante Earrings will take her breath away.

Dream On necklace

Dream On necklace

For younger ladies, the Dream On and Legacy Letter necklaces are so pretty and delicate, and the Leticia Hoops and Ring and leather Lady P Cuff all have the right amount of edge.

And finally, for small gifts, carefully choose an Indi Token that describes that special someone — male or female. They can wear it on a chain or attach it to a key ring. Similarly, you can choose one or two shiny Indi Pendants to accessorize a handbag or key ring. The more the merrier! And to give a little more luxury within a small gift, the plush Agra Tassel key ring in an assortment of colors or an Eau de Parfum rollerball in one of our delicious fragrances will impress any woman on your list.

5. Could you please tell us what you like to do to relax during the holiday season? Do you have any wellness / relaxation related traditions?

I have a very large family and cannot visit everyone during the season. So after years of marriage, my husband and I have settled into the idea of making one visit or even staying home. Then I take my time with visiting everyone else, often not seeing someone until the New Year or spring. I want to make sure they are quality visits. When I do stay home, I catch movie marathons which tend to be prevalent around the holidays.



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