How a Personal Shopper Can Alleviate Stress this Holiday Season

Your Personal Shopper-Robinette Kimberly

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Your Personal Shopper-Robinette Kimberly
Your Personal Shopper-Kimberly Ross

As a certain song professes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Actually, for many people, the holidays are filled with stress. I recently touched based with a former coworker and family friend to find out working with a personal shopper can alleviate holiday stress. If you need to find the right gift for that someone special, India Hicks Ambassador Kimberly Ross is here to help! Shopping and gifting services are offered through her business, Robinette Kimberley.

  1. Please tell readers a little bit about your artistic/creative background and how that led you to becoming a brand ambassador for India Hicks?

My grandmother, a very stylish woman, raised me and always took me on the city bus to go shopping with her downtown. The department store we frequented at the time was Woodward & Lothrop. Her flight attendant daughter, my aunt, would buy me fashionable things both locally — from Saks and Garfinkels — and from around the world. My feet are very skinny, and when I was a young girl she traced my foot on a sheet of paper and had custom boots made for me in China. So fashion was in my blood at a very early age.

Around 2014, a co-worker was selling an interchangeable handbag that I thought was genius and attractive. I bought so many of them that she suggested I begin selling them, which I did. When that company went out of business, I began representing a jewelry company that also had the interchangeable concept. Throughout my selling both brands, I would occasionally encounter a client who wanted a more high-end product.

In 2016, I was introduced to the India Hicks company. I saw that its collection was stunning, well crafted, very personal and spoke to a lifestyle, offering pieces across categories, including uncommon handbags, adventurous jewelry, delicious fragrances, luxurious spa products and beautiful gifts for the home. And then I met India who truly lives the company’s mantra “Live An Extraordinary Life”, and it has been infectious for nearly 2,000 Ambassadors. India Hicks is the only brand I currently represent.

2. What is your thought process when working with a new client? I immediately go into listening mode, so that when I make recommendations, I don’t overwhelm the client. I also realize that people are busy, so, again, my carefully listening saves them time. And, I watch the client as he/she looks through the catalogue and feels and experiences the collection, to get a sense of what’s attracting them.

3. How can a personal shopper/stylist help take the stress out of holiday shopping, whether it be for gifts for others or curating goodies for the client him or herself?

Phone and email communication tends to have the least amount of intrusion. I will inquire about something personal about the gift recipient or client and make recommendations. I will then guide them to make the purchase themselves or offer to make it for them. The other stress-free option is an appointment to visit my home studio. While the visit requires more of the client’s time, he/she doesn’t have to deal with walking long shopping malls or standing in store lines. When they visit, it is treated as such, with conversation, laughter, food and drink — often a reprieve. Also, most India Hicks pieces arrive in pretty boxes that are ready for gifting. If needed, I provide gift decoration services.


4. Could you please tell us what you like to do to relax during the holiday season? Do you have any wellness / relaxation related traditions?

I have a very large family and cannot visit everyone during the season. So after years of marriage, my husband and I have settled into the idea of making one visit or even staying home. Then I take my time with visiting everyone else, often not seeing someone until the New Year or spring. I want to make sure they are quality visits. When I do stay home, I catch movie marathons which tend to be prevalent around the holidays.



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