The 3 Pillars of Wellness, Uplifting Interview with Jen Baucom

3 Pillars of Wellness with Jen Baucom All Things Relax with Sandi D podcast

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In this week’s podcast episode, I talk with Jen Baucom, Spiritual Wellness Coach and Wellness Blogger. Jen helps women reclaim their energy to uplevel their mind, body, and soul! Jen talks about her wellness journey (hypothyroidism and PCOS) and how this led her to develop her coaching program, GLOW – The Roadmap to an Energized Life. 

Jen discusses her approach to holistic healing, three pillars of wellness. Her focus is on physical, spiritual, and mental wellness. Jen firmly believes that if you address these three pillars, you can improve your energy level and live your best life. 

Chakra Balancing and Healing, Alternative Approach to Wellness

Jen talks to us about chakra alignment and goes in-depth about the throat chakra and how blockages can affect thyroid health. She shares throat chakra balancing and healing techniques, including color therapy, yoga poses, essential oils, affirmations, and journal prompts. 

In talking about the throat chakra, Jen talks about how the effects of past trauma and how it can hold back those affected from speaking their truth. We exchange stories about our respective experiences with childhood bullying. After Jen explains that she would like to create a nonprofit someday to combat bullying, I share my experiences with two of my sons’ elementary schools and how they address bullying in the formative years.

Childhood Trauma & Its Affect on Mental Wellness: Bullying

For example, my older son attended kindergarten in Littleton, Colorado. This was post-Columbine and the school district was actively working to address bullying as childhood bullying was discovered to have played a role in this tragic event. There was zero tolerance for bullying. Both of my kids subsequently attended elementary school in Kensington, Maryland. Montgomery County district schools taught students the ‘debug’ method if someone was bothering them. Here are some anti-bullying resources from Montgomery County Public School district.

Jen talks about hormone imbalance and the wide range of symptoms that are due to hormone imbalance. She shares her story of hypothyroidism and PCOS and gives us hope that there is a better way! Jen empowers women to take action and educates them on how to reclaim their energy.

Jen’s eCourse and coaching program, GLOW – The Roadmap to an Energized Life, will be opening soon. Join the waitlist today! All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast listeners will get a 25% discount. Check back with me for the promo code once Jen reopens GLOW. 

You will not want to miss Jen’s radiant, positive energy! She has been down the path of extreme fatigue and hormone imbalance and understands what challenges women face and the opportunity to turn their health around!

Jen Baucom & The Best Version of Her 

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Mentioned During This Episode

Changamire (jazz vocalist)

Changamiré is a former colleague and family friend who is the most amazing jazz vocalist. She is a Washington, DC native. Not only is Changamiré a gifted singer, but she also is constantly giving back to her community through her support of charities helping those in need.

My favorite song from her debut album, Only Human, is 9 to 5. Maybe it’s because I remember those days when we both worked for the same publishing company, The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA). Sounds like a government agency, but it was actually the oldest employee-owned company until Bloomberg acquired BNA.

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The Three Pillars of Wellness, Interview with Jen Baucom
The Three Pillars of Wellness, Jen Baucom




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