The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction in the Workplace

The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction in the Workplace

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Panic-stricken, I called my sister and asked,”Do you happen to have a sewing kit at work?” Nothing quite beats the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction, especially when it happens in the workplace.

Hot, flushed cheeks. If I could, I would have crawled under my desk to hide for the rest of the day.

How the heck was I going walk to metro like this, much less continue my workday?

The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction in the Workplace
The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction in the Workplace

At the time, my sister and I worked for an employee-owned publishing company located in the west end of Washington, DC, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA).

BNA was not a stuffy place – au contraire, back in the day, it was considered to be one of the most liberal work environments.

Of all of the places I’ve worked in my lifetime, this was probably ‘the best’ place to have a wardrobe malfunction. Yet, it was still painfully embarrassing.

I forget how many months pregnant I was with my firstborn, full on into maternity clothing. Never in a million years would I have expected the skirt I was wearing to suddenly split down the side, making it impossible to leave my desk for fear of flashing my coworkers.

Fortunately, my younger sister was well-prepared. She was at my desk in no time with her sewing kit and set out to work on damage control.

In no time, I was sewn back together, almost like a cloth doll. I thanked her profusely.

Everyone lived happily ever after. Said no one.

Yep, maybe an hour later, yet again, the dreaded sound of my skirt splitting apart.

Crap, I couldn’t fully expect my sister to take time out again to come to the rescue.

I somehow managed to walk into Georgetown and went into the only store that might possibly have a skirt I could somewhat afford. {Georgetown is one of the chic neighborhoods in DC, it, along with Chevy Chase is reminiscent of my childhood hometown, Southampton, NY.}

So, Eddie Bauer’s only sold skirts up to a size 14. I could just barely fit my pregnant body into the cheapest size 14 skirt I could find.

Mortified, I asked the sales clerk, after explaining my wardrobe malfunction, “Would you mind if I went back into the dressing room and changed into this skirt?”

Years later (my firstborn will be a high school senior in a few weeks!) I look back and remember my mortification, but thankfully, now I can laugh about it.

Oh, and just the other day I had yet another wardrobe malfunction when my most comfortable (and almost new) Chico’s pants split down the crotch.  Thankfully, I was not at work and didn’t have to fight the urge to hide under my desk!

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the workplace? How did you salvage the situation?

The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfuction in the Workplace
The Ultimate Wardrobe Malfuction in the Workplace





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