Love Is in the Air – Valentine’s Day Diffuser Blends

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I woke up the other morning with a song stuck in my head. The ‘ear worm’ in question was ‘Love is in the air’  (over and over again like Bill Murray’s Ground Hog Day, lol). Then I realized that it ALMOST really is around the corner …. with Valentine’s Day coming soon. To celebrate, here are a few ‘Love is in the air’ essential oil diffuser blends for you and your sweetheart.

Note: Essential oil blends that are ‘capitalized’ are Young Living proprietary blends.

You can use an electric diffuser (Young Living has some nice diffusers in their premium starter kits) or create a DIY diffuser with wooden hearts, lava beads, or my all-time favorite, rocks collected at the beach. Use your DIY imagination to your heart’s desire!

Cupid’s arrow

4 drops orange

2 drops lavender

2 drops Sensation

Crush on you

3 drops orange

2 drops Joy

Love shack (or, you’ve got that ylang ylang feeling)

3 drops ylang ylang

2 drops lavender

Be mine

4 drops orange

3 drops ylang ylang

Chéri d’amour

4 drops northern lights blue spruce

3 drops lavender

Valentine’s Day Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

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