Interview with Paulette Erato, Petite Font

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On this week’s podcast episode, I interview Paulette Erato, blogger and maker at Petite Font based in Los Angeles, CA, to talk about her upcoming book, Benchmarks Are Bullsh*t: 5 Lessons I Wish I Knew at 18. One of the best takeaways from her book is “Decisions are not life sentences.” We talk about how throughout life it’s OK to pivot and change direction and share stories on how we have pivoted. She shares an epiphany she had recently and how it connects back to her favorite Mark Twain quote. 

Paulette also shares about her Maker Happy Hour Live Instagram series and how each of us has a maker inside of us. 

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Petite Font

Benchmarks Are Bullsh*t (join the VIP waitlist!)

Interview with Paulette Erato, blogger and maker, Petite Font

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